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Saturday June 18

Sponsored by Breckinridge County Jr Fair Board
Located in the Livestock Show Barn
Registration starts at 11:30 AM
Tournament begins at 12 PM

Entry fee per team- $10 PLUS 1 new unopened deck of Rook cards.
Participants will pay $10 gate fee.
Winning team receives half of entry fee.
Second place receives one fourth of entry fee.


1. Teams will be randomly drawn to fill brackets for playing.
2. Double elimination tournament. Teams will play best 2 out of 3 games.
3. Bring your own partner.
4. Deck consists of 40 cards – 5s thru 14s.
5. Nine (9) cards dealt to each player with 4 cards face down in nest.
6. Highest bid is 100 points, low bid is 65 points. Dealer must play hand at 65 if no other player bids.
7. Bidder must call his trumps before looking at the nest.
8. Bidder must hold all count cards (5-10-14) in his hand.
9. Bidder must turn his 4 discards face down when he is ready to play unless discarding trumps they must be turned face up. Penalty: Automatic set and opponents get what they make.
10. Players sitting to the left of the bidder makes first lead.
11. In the event of a misdeal (dealing too many cards to any one player and after the player has looked at his cards) the dealer must deal again. No re-deal due to the value of the cards.
12. In the event of a player not following suit when he does have a card of the color led-if play can be straightened out before the next play with no harm to either side, no penalty applies.
13. If the bidding team reneges and the second card has already been led and is discovered, they are automatically set 100 points. The opposing team gets 100 points.
14. If the non-bidding team reneges, the bidder automatically makes 100 points. Non-bidding team loses 100 points.
15. If either team is accused of reneging, the cards played to that point are set aside (no looking at that time). The hand is to be played out. Then the cards in question are to be looked at. If a renege did occur, then the penalty is accessed, 100 points up, 100 points down.
16. Cheating in any form: signals, bottom dealing, talking (my trick throw on or anything to harm opponents). Penalty – loss of game.
17. If both teams reach 300 or more points in the same hand, the bidding team wins.
18. No looking at caught tricks after the next play.
19. No one other than the four players at the table may touch the cards.
20. Playing out of turn by showing one’s card. Example: Your partner catches a trick, but his or her partner starts to lead. Penalty: Loss of 100 points. Opponents get what they make.