Wednesday June 19
8:30 AM to 10:00 AM – Market Steer, Market Heifer, Lamb,   
      Swine, and Goat weigh-in and Breeding Heifer Check-In
5:00 PM Youth Market Steer/Market Heifer Show, Youth 
      Breeding Heifer Show and Youth Market Goat Show

Thursday June 20
8:00 AM Youth Market Swine Show and Youth Market
                   Lamb Show
 6:30 PM Youth Premium Livestock Auction 

             Goat Showmanship
 Wednesday, June 19
             Swine Showmanship
              Thursday, June 20
             Sheep Showmanship
              Thursday, June 20

                                 Novice Showmanship is held prior to Market Shows

                                    Register prior to the 4H and FFA Showmanship


1. Open to all youth under nine (9) years of age.

2. This is strictly a showmanship class. The exhibitor’s performance in directing the animal and not the animal itself will be the sole basis of participation.

3. Each exhibitor will receive an award.

4. Parents must exercise sound judgment in selecting the animal their youngster will exhibit.

5. All exhibitors MUST wear closed-toed shoes.

6. Exhibitors and animals may be removed if, in the opinion of the livestock committee, they present danger to other exhibitors.

7. Exhibitors must be registered prior to the show.

8. Goats must have horns tipped (squared off ½ inch or larger in diameter)

9. KUIP tag is Required.

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