Superintendent: Jean Aull, 270-580-4409

Advisor: Lynnette Allen, County Extension Agent, 270-756-2182

Sponsored By: Breckinridge County Extension Homemakers’ Association, Breckinridge County Fair, Inc. & Local Businesses

Open Only To Residents of Breckinridge County

Current State Covid-19 guidelines will be required during the check-in and checkout process and in the Family Living Department.

Entries will be received on Tuesday, June 13th from 4:30-6:00 PM CT and Wednesday, June 14th from 7:00-9:00 AM CT. No entries will be accepted after 9:00 AM CT.

Prior to entering your items, please use this catalog to identify the division code and class number for each entry. This will reduce the amount of time needed for entering items. View Categories

ALL ENTRIES ENTERED AT THE RISK OF EXHIBITOR. Miscellaneous categories: item must not be able to be entered in a listed category.

Judging will occur at 12:00 noon (CT) on Wednesday, June 14th. No one will be allowed in Family Living Area during judging. Judges decisions are final.

Only one entry per person allowed in any class. Items entered must be the work of the entrant to qualify. Articles receiving 1st prize in previous county fairs are not eligible in any class. All entries must be clean or they will be disqualified. Garments must be pressed and well presented. Canned goods will be accepted in clear, standard canning jars (Mason, Kerr, Ball, etc.) not mayonnaise or other jars used for other purposes: other jars will not be judged. Jars must have clean rings- no rusty rings. Canned food may be opened if needed. Any perishable items that become unpleasant will be discarded. Vegetables should be free of dirt, disease, insect damage, and deformities (unless entering for unusual vegetable). Entries should be uniform in size, shape, color and ripeness. Anything that needs to be refrigerated WILL NOT be accepted.

Entries will be displayed until closing on Friday. No items removed until Saturday, June 17th. Items must be removed Saturday June 17 between 8:00 am and 10:00 am (ct).

Premiums and special awards will be paid when entries are checked out between 8 am -10 am (ct), Saturday, June 17th. Premiums will be forfeited if not claimed during checkout. Following checkout on Saturday, neither monetary nor recognition adjustments will be made.

Premiums Offered In Each Class: Blue Ribbon – $3, Red Ribbon – $2, White Ribbon – $1. A rosette and $5 will be given to the best of show for Child Divisions and a rosette to the best of show for each division.

Most Blue Ribbons Award (All Divisions excluding KIDS1, KIDS2, FA1, FA2-no age limitations) $20 cash will be awarded to the person having the most blue ribbon entries. In case of a tie, the number of red ribbons will be counted to determine the winner.

Most Blue Ribbons Award (Child Divisions): $10 cash will be awarded to the person having the most blue ribbon entries in the 4 children’s divisions which includes KIDS1, KIDS2, FA1, & FA2. In case of a tie, the number of red ribbons will be counted to determine the winner.