The fair is planned and conducted according to Kentucky Department of Agriculture regulations for the use of state funds.  Everyone pays $10 per person for Wednesday and Thursday admission, $15 per person for Friday and Saturday admission which includes all events and Midway rides.

1.     Gate admission will constitute entry fee for all contests not having an entry fee.
2.     There will be no entry fee for exhibits.
3.     Adult classes are open to all exhibitors.
4.     All exhibits must be owned by the exhibitor.
5.     All exhibits remain the property of the exhibitor.
6.     Premiums not filled remain the property of the Breckinridge County Fair.
7.     All exhibitors must retain a release form from the superintendent before removing exhibits from departments.
8.     Any exhibits judged unworthy of showing shall not be exhibited.  (Decision rests with superintendent of department).
9.     Any article exhibited that is not included in the premium list shall not be awarded a premium.
10.   The management shall use the utmost care to guard and protect exhibits, but will not be responsible should losses or damages occur.
11.   There will be uniformed officers present 24 hours a day patrolling the fairgrounds to insure the safety of fair-goers and exhibitors.
12.    Exhibitors shall at all times give the necessary personal attention to whatever they may have on exhibition and at the close of the fair take charge of the same.
13.    Any premium check not cashed within 90 days after issue will be forfeited to Breckinridge County Fair.
14.    Experienced judges shall be engaged to examine the exhibits.
15.    The decision of the awarding judges shall be final.
16.    Premium ribbons have no value as to payment of premiums since premiums shall be paid from the record of the superintendent.
17.    Any exhibitors attempting to interfere with the judges during the adjudications shall be promptly excluded from competition.
18.    No exhibitor shall be allowed more than two exhibits in any one ring.
19.    Vegetables shall be judged on marketable quality and usability.
20.    The Breckinridge County Fair shall furnish space on the fairgrounds for all exhibits.
21.    Exhibitors shall furnish containers for all exhibits such as: field seed and grain, vegetables, plants and flowers, etc.
22.    Feed and bedding must be furnished by exhibitors of livestock.
23.    Entries in the 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America classes are eligible to enter the Open Class rings.
24.    The Breckinridge County Fair will furnish a space for exhibits, exhibitors and spectators but will not be responsible in case of loss or injury to either.  Any questions not covered by the rules and regulations shall be answered by the fair board.
25.    No premiums shall be paid if any of the above are broken.
26.    All premium money will be prorated on percentage basis provided net profit does not exceed premium list.
27.    Persons found guilty by the Breckinridge County Fair of misconduct will forfeit any premiums and be asked to remove exhibits from the grounds.
28.    No reservations will be made for stalls.  The stalls will be furnished on a first come, first serve basis.
29.    All 4-H, FFA and FCCLA entries must have been produced in conjunction with an approved project.

Animals/Dress Code Rules NO animals or reptiles allowed on fairgrounds.  The only exceptions are those being entered in a class or dogs for the sight impaired.

Shirts and shoes are required at all times on the Breckinridge County Fairgrounds.

Notice Disclaimer 
Notice is hereby given by the Breckinridge County Fair Board that all vendors, commercial advertisers and entertainment facilities utilizing the Breckinridge County Fairgrounds during the course of the Breckinridge County Fair are independent contractors.  The independent contractor is not the agent, servant or employee of the Breckinridge County Fair or the board. Any intentional or negligent acts, statements, representations or warranties, either oral or written, expressed or implied, made by or on behalf of said independent contractor in relation to any matter including, but not limited to any products, goods or services, shall be the sole responsibility of the independent contractor and the board disclaims any responsibility or liability thereafter.