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Saturday, June 17

Event Begins at 4:00 PM CT
In the upper livestock barn.
This new event gives kids another chance to pull all the way to the finish line.
Kids are encouraged to bring their power wheels, whether they are left stock or modified.
Winners First through Fifth Place will get a trophy.

2 Wheel Stock
2 Wheel Modified
Open Modified

1. Each contestant must furnish their own vehicle.
​2. Each contestant must supply and wear a helmet.
3. Draw for pull positions.
4. (1) 12-volt or (2) 6-volt batteries in stock class.
5. (2) 12-volt batteries in modified class (24-volts).
6. Stock gears only in all classes.
7. Only battery-powered vehicles allowed.
8. Tire grooving legal. No screws or metal in tires.
9. All vehicles need to have a hitch no higher than 13 inches with a 1/4″ hole to hook to the sled.
10. Track will be 60 feet long for full pull.
11. Weights are permitted in all classes.
12. All weights must be secured.
13. Enter at your own risk.
14. Superintendent has final decision on all rules.